SUV Snow Driving 3D

Welcome to SUV Snow Driving 3D! It’s a driving game that will take you away from the city and allow you to drive on a snow-covered mountain.


In SUV Snow Driving 3D, players assume the role of a daring adventurer, commanding a fleet of luxurious SUVs specially crafted to tackle the rugged terrain of snowy mountains.

There is a health meter displayed on the top left of the screen. It depletes slowly when your car collides with any object. When this meter reaches zero, the game is over.

With two distinct gameplay modes, players have the freedom to choose their own adventure.

Level Mode: In level Mode, players race against time. They drive through tough terrain, facing blizzards and snowstorms. Their goal is to reach checkpoints fast and win.

It needs fast reflexes, careful driving, and smart choices to succeed. There are many levels in the mode.

On completing any level, players get rewards in the form of coins. With these coins, they can unlock 3 locked cars to experience cool driving.

Suv Snow Driving 3D - Level mode gameplay Screenshot
Level mode gameplay Screenshot

Free Mode: In Free Mode, players can explore freely. They can go at their own speed in the snowy area. They can find hidden secrets all around the wilderness. Maintain the health of your SUV while driving in order to drive for long.

Free Mode Gameplay Screenshot
Free Mode Gameplay Screenshot

Controls for SUV Snow Driving 3D game

  • W/Up Arrow Key – Drive forward
  • A/Left Arrow Key – Turn Left
  • D/Right Arrow Key – Turn Right
  • S/Down Arrow Key – Drive Back
  • Spacebar – Brake
  • C – Change the camera view


  • 2 amazing game modes
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Full of fun and challenges
  • Test diving skills
  • Play without downloading

Game Details

DeveloperGreat Games
Released DateDecember 21, 2022
GenreRacing, Driving, Adventure
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser ( Not on Mobile Browser)

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