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Play the top 10 Games By Ben in 2023?


Games By Ben are those games that can be played without any restrictions and even without downloading on any device such as a computer, mobile, tablet, or laptop.

They are searched on the internet all over the world and are played by people of all ages including kids. You can get puzzle games, arcade games, adventure games, racing games, etc. in the collection of Games By Ben. Ben is a famous computer programmer and game developer from the United Kingdom.

Ben has been developing online games for a very long time. His games are both funny as well as educational. You can play the games in school or the office to refresh yourself.

One can play these games either alone or with his family or friends.

NameBen Games
GenreArcade, Racing, Shooting, Puzzle, Adventure
ModeSingle-Player, Multi-Player
PlatformWeb Browser
AvailabilityAvailable Free

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Games By Ben?

Playing these games offers a wide range of benefits, both for entertainment and personal development. Here are some of the key advantages of playing Ben games:

They provide a fun and engaging way to relax and unwind after a long day.

They offer an escape from everyday stress and routine.

They require precise timing and coordination between hand movements and visual input. This can enhance hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

The controls of the games are straightforward. You can play the Ben Games very easily even without installing or downloading.

They provide complex challenges and puzzles that require players to think critically and come up with creative solutions.

Top 10 Games By Ben

1. Cookie Clicker Climate Change

Cookie Clicker Climate Change is a clicking and endless game. It is based on the theme of environment. In the game, you have to click on the large cookie which is located on the bottom right of the screen. There are various locked products in the store panel that get unlocked continuously when you keep playing the game.


These products not only increase the production of cookies but also help in reducing carbon emissions. A list of various locked products is given below:

  • Finger
  • Grandma
  • Tree
  • Coder
  • Recycle Plant
  • Solar Panel
  • Insulation
  • Turbine
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Fusion
  • E.T
  • Portal
  • Decarbonator

Apart from these, various powerups will also help you in increasing and protecting cookies.

2. Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a single-player online game. This game is about running and managing a supermarket. It is very funny as well as challenging. You grow various fruits such as bananas, and sweet corn. When the fruits get ripened, you start selling them by shifting them into the rack of your store.

Games By Ben- Monkey Mart
Monkey Mart

When the profit increases you start selling eggs and various other groceries. To run the store successfully you can customise yourself and hire employees in the game.

3. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is an arcade game in which you control the bird, which moves continuously from left to right. Your task is to navigate the bird between columns of green pipes without hitting them. These pipes have equal-sized gaps at random heights.

Games By Ben- Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird

Bird automatically descends and only ascends when the player clicks the left mouse button. You will get one point on passing each successful pair of pipes. When you collide with any pipe or the ground, the gameplay will end. The game gets progressively more difficult as you score more points.

4. Run 3

Run 3 is an endless running game. In this game, you play the character of a little alien. You have to navigate this little alien through virtual space.

Games By Ben- Run 3
Run 3

The track has many holes which you have to cross. If you are unable to cross these gaps, you will get lost and the game will be over.

5. Fat Race 3D

Have you ever run while eating? I think you might have not. In this Fat Race 3D game, you have to perform two tasks i.e. running as well as eating.

Games By Ben- Fat Race 3D
Fat Race 3D

While running eat as much as you can because you have to fight with a sumo-like bodybuilder at the end of the level. You have to defeat this bodybuilder to play the next level.

6. Rugby Kicks Game

It is a popular kicking game by Ben. In this Rugby Kicks Game, you have to kick a ball into the goalpost. There are multiple levels in this game. At every level, you will get only the ball to kick into the goalpost. If you miss any of the balls you will lose one chance out of three.

Rugby Kicks
Rugby Kicks

You have to select the team you want to play for in this game. There are a total of six teams you can play for.

7. Dream Pet Link

Dream Pet Link is a popular board game. In this game, you have to match the similar tiles placed on the board. The tiles bear the picture of animals like cats, dogs, parrots, lions, etc. When you match similar tiles they are eliminated from the board and you are given 10 points per matching.

Dream Pet Link
Dream Pet Link

Only those tiles can be eliminated from the board which are adjacent to each other either horizontally or vertically. Tiles on the outer row and column don’t follow the rules of being adjacent to each other either horizontally or vertically. They can be matched even if they are not adjacent to each other but are on the same outer row and column.

8. Pixel Dino Run

Pixel Dino Run is an endless and addictive running game. In this game, you play the character of the pixelated dinosaur. You have to continuously run the track full of fatal cacti. You have to avoid yourself from this cacti. If you hit them, you will have to restart the game.

Pixel Dino Run
Pixel Dino Run

To avoid the obstacles, you have to jump. To get a maximum score, protect yourself from the cacti.

9. Cooking Mania

Cooking Mania is a cooking game. This game will keep you engaged for unlimited time. You play the character of a chef in this game who cooks as well as serve the customer.

Cooking Mania
Cooking Mania

Show your cooking as well as management skills in this game. If you are not able to serve the customers on time, they will decline their order and you will bear a loss. You can upgrade your kitchen in this game by earning a game currency.

10. Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is a famous archer game. In this game, you are the archer and you have to shoot the apple kept on the head of the person standing a few meters away from you.

Apple Shooter
Apple Shooter

The distance between you and the other person carrying the apple on his head will increase if you shoot the apple.

If you like this game, you can also try Browman.

Gaming Genres Of Games By Ben

  • Arcade games
  • Puzzle games
  • Platformer games
  • Strategy games
  • Shooting games
  • Sports games
  • Role-playing games
  • Multiplayer games
  • .IO games
  • Educational games
  • Simulation games
  • Endless runners
  • Retro games
  • Two player games
  • Action games
  • Adventure games
  • Basketball games
  • Football games
  • Bike games
  • Car games
  • Card games
  • Casual games
  • Clicker games
  • Controller games
  • Dress Up games
  • Driving games
  • Escape games
  • Flash games
  • First-Person-shooter games
  • Horror games
  • Soccer games
  • Stickman games
  • Pool games

How Can I Play Games By Ben?

You can play these games on the popular gaming platform Unblocked Games 999. Here you can get access to all the popular games without any restrictions.


The controls for these games are user-friendly and straightforward. To play these games, use the Arrow keys, WASD keys, Spacebar, or Mouse. Read the instructions before playing any game.


Q.1 Can I play these games in my classroom?

Yes, you can play these games in your classroom during break.

Q.2 Are these games safe for kids?

Yes, these games are safe for kids. The parents must monitor which games their kids are playing.

Q.3 Can I play these games on my mobile?

Yes, most of these games are mobile-friendly.

Q.4 Do these games require downloading?

No, these games don’t require downloading. You can enjoy these games if you have proper internet connectivity.

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