Semi Truck Snow Simulator

Semi Truck Snow Simulator is a driving game where you are the driver of a truck and have to drive it on a snowy terrain.


You’re driving a big truck down snowy mountain roads. It’s not a regular drive; it’s an exciting adventure against slippery snow-covered paths and harsh weather!

Delivering cargo is part of the job too. From logs to medical supplies and fragile items, you have to transport them safely to their destination. Reaching the end without any damage feels great!

There are a total of 15 different levels. As you keep clearing the level, the course becomes much more difficult. On completing the level, you will get rewards. This reward will help you purchase a new truck.

You get to choose your favorite truck from cool options, like American muscle or sleek European rides. Each one has special features for snowy driving, like grippy tires and powerful engines. Choose the truck that fits your style!

Semi Truck Snow Simulator - Gameplay screenshot
Semi Truck Snow Simulator – Gameplay screenshot

The courses are challenging – twisting mountain roads and snowy valleys that look like something from a dream. But driving is tricky! You have to turn the wheel carefully and control your speed, or you might slide off the edge!


  • A/Left Arrow Key – Turn Left
  • D/Right Arrow Key – Turn Right
  • W/Up Arrow Key – Accelerate
  • S/Down Arrow Key – Brake
  • C – Change Camera View

Features of Semi Truck Snow Simulator

  • There is no time limit to complete the level.
  • There are two amazing trucks available to drive. Only one is unlocked by default.
  • The track is covered with snow.
  • Drive through twisty mountain roads and snowy valleys that look like a dream.
  • It has easy game controls.

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Hit Games developed this game on December 07, 2022.


Semi Truck Snow Simulator offers an exciting and challenging experience for players who enjoy driving games. With a selection of cool trucks, diverse and tricky courses, and a focus on both careful driving and cargo delivery missions, the game provides a unique blend of adventure and skill development.

It is not just about driving – it’s about mastering treacherous terrains, delivering cargo, and enjoying the beauty of snowy landscapes. So, grab the wheel, embark on this snow-covered adventure, and become the champion of the snowy roads!

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