Eggy Car is a classic Adventure car game, where players are required to drive a car on hilly roads for as long as possible keeping an egg on the top.

Eggy Car Game Wiki

DeveloperBeedo Games
PublishedNovember 2022
CategoryAction, Adventure
GenreHill climbing, Car games, Driving
ModesSingle Player
PlatformWeb browser (Mobile, Tab, Desktop)

Game Play

In Eggy Car Game, you have a cute car and an egg. The Egg is kept on the moonroof and your goal is to drive the car on a hilly zig-zag road and avoid the egg falling down from the car.

To control your Car’s movement, use the A or D and or left/right arrow keys on your keyboard.

If you are playing it on your mobile browser you can touch the paddles (Brake and Accelerator) given on the left and right bottom of the screen

At the time, while moving your car, you will have to collect coins to increase your score and performance.

There is also a magnet in the game, which you can collect while moving ahead. The magnet will make your egg sticky with the moonroof for 5 seconds. During this time you can increase your car speed and even jump your car without losing the egg’s life.

But control your car speed before the power-up (magnet effect) ends. If the egg falls down, it breaks and the game is over.

Pro Tips for Eggy Car Game

  • Drive Slowly.
  • When the car is moving downhill, use the brake multiple times to balance its speed.
  • Use Break and Accelerator to maintain the speed of the car.
  • Collect coins coming your way.

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