Traffic Tour is a popular online car racing game that offers players an immersive driving experience on highways filled with traffic.

In this game, players navigate through busy roads, weaving between cars and trucks, while avoiding collisions and reaching the finish line within a specified time limit.

Game Wiki

GameTraffic Tour
PublisherWolves Interactive
ReleasedSep 2022
ModeSingle and Multiplayer mode
PlatformWeb Browser


Before commencing the game, you are required to select your preferred language. Once chosen, you will be directed to the game’s dashboard, where you can access a range of features such as Options, Garage, and Store.

In the Options menu, you can adjust settings like sound levels, graphics, and speed type. Refer to the image below for a visual guide.

Options Menu
Options Menu

Inside the garage icon, a variety of cars are displayed, but they are initially locked. To unlock these cars, players can utilize the in-game currency earned through gameplay. Below is a list of some of the top cars available:

  • Rafidal R510
  • Nopeus N54
  • Fuerza F81
  • Tedelos T11
  • Estam ES54
  • Mozade MR50
  • Quatrinas Q91
  • Montaros M13
  • Vorset V60
  • Simblo S44
  • Statero S33
  • Robusta R78
  • MTRAL MS47
  • Lanbongi L29
  • Dasiter D88
  • Vetons V86
  • Voima VS50
  • Potancus P188
  • Manesta MA27
  • Grandlo GR45

You can also customize and upgrade your car accordingly with the coins you get on completing any mission or event.

In this game, you can enjoy different scenes right from your home. You can drive on busy highways, through cities full of life, on wet roads during rain, across huge deserts, or on snowy paths. It’s like exploring all these places from your computer or phone!

You also have the freedom to choose the perfect time setting that suits your mood, You can drive during daylight, at night, or in sunset. These cool options make Traffic Tour an awesome game.

There are various themes available in the game. These themes will give you real-time experience sitting at home. You can ride on a highway, city, rainy, desert, or snowy. The game also allows you to set the timing which is daylight, night, and sunset. This game is really amazing.


  1. Career Mode: Within this mode, you are tasked with completing numerous missions such as time trials, card collections, and various other challenges. By actively engaging in these missions, you have the opportunity to earn coins as your reward.
  1. Multiplayer Mode: A real-time multiplayer mode allows players to race against other players from around the world. Competing in multiplayer races allows players to test their skills against human opponents. You have to select Racing Now in Game Modes to play against other players online.
Traffic Tour - Game Modes
Traffic Tour – Game Modes
  1. Street Mining Mode: In Street Mode, players can choose between three engaging options: Endless, Free, and Time Trial. Endless mode offers non-stop gameplay, focusing on survival and high scores. Free mode provides freedom to explore without mission constraints. Time Trial challenges players to achieve the fastest time. Each mode offers a unique experience in the game. You can also select one-way or two-way traffic in street mode.


  • W/ Up arrow key: To accelerate
  • A/ left arrow key: To steer left
  • D/ Right arrow key: To steer right
  • S/ Down arrow key: For brake
  • Space key: Nitro


  • It offers diverse modes such as Time Trial, Multiplayer, Free Ride, Card Collection, and Endless.
  • You can race in realistic settings, including highways, cities, rainy roads, deserts, and snowy terrains.
  • Players can race in different weather conditions and times of the day.
  • The game features the upgradation of the cars.
  • Players can enjoy three distinct camera views: first-person, third-person, and rearview.

How can I get more coins in the game?

Earning more points is possible through close overtakes, high-speed driving, driving in the opposite direction, and completing missions.

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Can I download this game?

Yes, you can download this on the Google Play Store or App Store.

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