Drift Boss is a simple and addictive one-button drifting game where players drive a car for as long as possible by maneuvering their vehicle around tricky corners and over bumps without falling off the platform.

Game Info

GameDrift Boss
DeveloperMarket J S
ReleasedDecember, 2019
ModeSingle Player
GenreRacing, Adventure
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop )

Gameplay of Drift Boss

This game is easy to learn but challenging to master. You have to drive a vehicle using only a single key over deviated tracks that feature ramps, bumps, and tricky corners.

Drift Boss Gameplay Screenshot
Drift Boss Gameplay Screenshot

Timing is crucial in this drifting game; if you drift at the wrong time, you will fall off, and the game will end.

There are coins scattered throughout the track that you must collect to progress in the game. These coins can be used to purchase boosters and various cars.


Boosters play a crucial role in Drift Boss, providing players with temporary enhancements. These are available to unlock at the start of the game and they remain active for a single turn only.

You can use any of them with the coins you collect while playing.

Booster Menu
Booster Menu

There are types of boosters in the game which are described below:

  • Double Score Booster: This booster doubles the player’s score.
  • Car Insurance: This booster grants the player an additional life after falling off the track, providing a second chance to continue playing and achieve a higher score. The game will restart from where you fell off.
  • Coin Rush: This booster attracts a large number of coins on the track.


Drift Boss rewards players for their progress in several ways:

  • Daily Rewards: Return to the game each day to earn coins
  • Spin to Win: At random intervals, players can spin a wheel to win coins


  • Spacebar or Left Mouse button

Features of Drift Boss

  • It is an endless game
  • The color of the track changes with the distance
  • Various cars are available to drive.
  • Tracks are deviated
  • 3 Boosters to improve your drifting in the game

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