Traffic Jam 3D is a popular mobile game that falls under the category of casual simulation and racing games.

In this game, players take on the role of a driver navigating through congested traffic.

Their task is to steer their vehicle carefully, avoid collisions with other vehicles, and reach specific checkpoints or objectives within the game’s given time limits.

Game Wiki

GameTraffic Jam 3D
PublisherGreat Games
ReleasedJuly, 2022
GenreRacing, Simulation
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser

How To Play Traffic Jam 3D?

The primary goal of the game is to reach specific checkpoints or complete objectives within a given time limit without crashing into other vehicles. In free mode, you are exempt from any task. The game features 4 race modes which are explained below:

Career: In this mode, your task is to accomplish different missions within a given time frame. Completing these missions will earn you coins, serving as in-game currency.

These coins can be utilized to unlock various game features, such as buying a new car or upgrading your existing one. If you manage to finish an event before the allotted time, you also earn gold alongside coins. The events included in this mode are as follows:

  • Reach checkpoint in time
  • Drive 4km in 110 sec
  • Make 10,000 points in 75 seconds
  • Overtake(Pass very closely) 10 vehicles in 50 seconds
  • Drive 4km in 105 seconds
  • Drive 4km in 100 seconds
  • Overtake(Pass very closely) 15 vehicles in 50 seconds
  • Overtake(Pass very closely) 20 vehicles in 60 seconds

There are a total of 40 levels in career mode including those mentioned above.

Infinite: This mode will provide an endless track on which you will get rewards depending on the distance covered without crashing your vehicle. You will get a single chance to drive in this mode, if your car crashes you will have to restart.

Time attack: In this mode, you have to drive for a fixed period. Drive as long as you can without being crushed.

Free: This mode allows you to drive endlessly without interruptions. It’s a journey without any rewards or challenges.


  • Up arrow key: To accelerate
  • Down arrow key: To brake
  • Left arrow key: To turn left
  • Right arrow key: To turn right
  • N key: To boost speed
  • E key: To blow horn and light
  • C key: To change camera view

Different Tracks in the game

  • Highway: Available without any restrictions.
  • Desert: Initially locked, this theme can be unlocked by spending 4000($) in-game coins.
  • City: Similarly locked, players can access this theme by spending 8000($) in-game coins.

Themes of Traffic Jam 3D

  • Morning: This theme is available from the start, requiring no unlocking.
  • Sunset: Initially locked, players can unlock this theme through specific achievements or tasks.
  • Night: To access this theme, players can use their in-game currency to unlock it for gameplay.

How to score maximum rewards?

You can score maximum in the Traffic Jam 3D game by:

  • completing the maximum distance
  • overtaking(pass very closely) other vehicles
  • driving in the opposite lane
  • speeding your vehicle
  • Clearing the missions or events.

Features of Traffic Jam 3D

  • You can enjoy the game directly without the need to download it.
  • The game offers a variety of playing modes to cater to different preferences.
  • There are three distinct tracks available for players to drive on.
  • A nitrogen gas feature is included to provide a speed boost during gameplay.
  • Players can experience the realism of dense traffic in real-time within the game.

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