Nitro Speed is an online game in which you have to drive a sporty car and perform stunts like drifting, jumping, etc. It was developed by a famous gaming company Full HP Ltd in June 2023.

Drive as long as you can and earn maximum gaming currency to unlock various features of the game.

Get ready to experience the thrill of racing and a true driving game.

How to play

The game is very easy to play. The game tests your driving skills. Before starting to play the game select the mode. You can either drive in free mode or in traffic mode.

The game has a collection of more than 20 cars. The player can choose any of his favorite cars from the garage according to the game rules.

Both modes have their own attributes. In the game, you can take part in a race. To take part in the race you have to press enter There are different races in the game.

The gameplay image displays that the player has to complete 23 checkpoints in 95 seconds. If you are not able to complete your task you can try again and again if you wish to.

Nitro Speed Gameplay Screenshot: Player Taking Part In The Race
Gameplay Screenshot: Player Taking Part In The Race

Different races award different prizes or dollars. While driving don’t forget to drift as it will help you in earning game currency.


The game features an upgrade of your car to perform efficiently. You can upgrade your car by clicking on the settings icon.

Nitro Speed Car Upgrade
Car Upgrade

The upgrades are not available for free. You have to pay for them.


You can customize your car according to your choice. A car is also customized from the settings icon.

Car Customization
Car Customization

You can increase the height of your car as you can see in the image. Apart from changing the height, you can change the tire, color, etc.

Game Modes

The game has two exhilarating modes:

  • Free mode: In this mode, a player can roam or drive freely. Players have to drive alone and perform various tasks.
Nitro Speed Game Modes
Nitro Speed Game Modes
  • Traffic Mode: This mode allows you to drive on a street full of vehicles. This game mode is no doubt more challenging than the free mode to perform the task.

Nitro Speed-Controls

  • W/ Up arrow key: To accelerate
  • S/ Down arrow key: For brake
  • A/left arrow key: To steer left
  • D/ Right arrow key: To steer right
  • Q: To get the vehicle on the track
  • T: To engage ABS(Anti lock-breaking system)
  • R: To repair the car
  • Y: To engage ESP(Electronic Stability Programme)
  • H: To blow the horn
  • B: To engage grip

Features of Nitro Speed

  • The game is a mixture of excellent and entertaining driving physics.
  • You can do a stunt by drifting.
  • If a vehicle gets clashed or hit, you can repair it immediately.
  • The game features numerous challenging events.
  • The game features participation in races.
  • You can select any one language out of the 12 languages given in the game. The languages available are English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Italian.

How to earn game currency?

The easy way to earn game currency is by drifting. You can take part in the race. Although completing a task in the race is difficult, if can complete it, you will earn a lot of game currency.

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