Supra Drift 3D is a heart-pounding online driving game that puts you in the driver’s seat of the iconic Toyota Supra. If you have a passion for fast driving and exhilarating drifts, this game is tailor-made for you.

It is not just a game; it’s an invitation to experience the excitement of drifting in a legendary car through an open city. In this game, you’ll have the perfect environment to showcase your drifting skills because there will be no other vehicles in your way.

Get ready to leave your mark on the virtual roads with your uniquely customized Toyota Supra.

How to play?

The game is all about driving in the city environment having no vehicles.

Supra Drift 3D - Gameplay Screenshot
Supra Drift 3D – Gameplay Screenshot

Before starting to play the game, players have to select the color and body kit of their favorite Toyota Supra. There are eight vibrant colors to choose from and three distinct body kits, each offering a unique visual style to your car.


Once the customization is complete, players dive into an expansive open city, void of other vehicles, providing the perfect environment for showcasing drifting skills without any hindrances.

The absence of traffic allows for seamless exploration and experimentation with various drift techniques.

You can change the camera view to enjoy the real experience. You can drive using first-person camera view, back camera view, and front camera view.

Record Your Drifts

  • The game features recording your best drift. You can record your play by pressing the ‘R’ key. Later, you can play the recorded game by pressing the ‘P’ key.


  • Accelerate: W/Up Arrow Keys
  • Brake: S/Down Arrow Key
  • Turn Left: A/Left Arrow Key
  • Turn Right: D/Right Arrow Key
  • Handbrake: Space Bar
  • Switch Slow Motion: G
  • Turn on Lights: L
  • Indicators/Flashing: Q/E/Z
  • Record Game: R
  • Play Recorded Game: P

Developer of Supra Drift 3D

Smartline-Games developed Supra Drift 3D in November 2019

Platform for Supra Drift 3D

Web Browser


  • Choice of eight colors and three distinct body kits.
  • Iconic Toyota Supra to drive
  • City Exploration
  • Recording feature.

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