Rolling Ball 3D is an amazing endless running game in which players have to direct a ball that is thrown down a sequence of twisted slopes.

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GameRolling Ball 3D
DeveloperA2G3 Media inc
ModeSingle Player
Free To PlayYes
PlatformWeb Browser(Desktop, Mobile, Laptop)

How To Play Rolling Ball 3D?

The objective of this game is to control your ball as it rolls down the connecting slopes. These slopes are separated by impassable gaps in between. You must use slanted slopes to cross these gaps.

You must keep vigil while playing to survive longer in the game. The more you survive in the game, the more the chances of unlocking the next levels. The game becomes more challenging as you progress in the game.

Rolling Ball 3D Gameplay
Rolling Ball 3D Gameplay

The slopes in the game rotate continuously. As a result, it’s important to maintain equilibrium when the ball travels down the slopes.

While balancing the ball, you come across many red squares. If you hit any of these squares, your ball crashes and the game ends.

There are blue diamonds scattered on the track that you have to collect. These diamonds will help you purchase new balls and various powerups like shields, magnets, and multiplies from the shop store. After purchasing powerups, don’t forget to select them.

To select the powerups, click on the powerups button located in the top right corner of the screen. You can select any one or two or all of them. If you select any two or all of them together, they will work collectively. These powerups make your gameplay seamless.

How Many Balls Are Available In The Game Shop Store?

There are 9 balls such as a soccer ball, cricket ball, billiard ball, basketball, etc. available in the game shop store. You have to unlock all these balls except one by collecting diamonds. One ball is unlocked by default.

Which Is The Most Expensive Ball In The Game?

Earthball is the most expensive ball. It cost 2000 diamonds.

Earth Ball
Earth Ball

This ball will give you an amazing experience if you purchase it. So play and try to earn this dream ball.

Which Is The Cheapest Ball In The Game?

Basketball is the cheapest ball. It cost 200 diamonds.

Controls Of Rolling Ball 3D

  • A/Left arrow key: To turn left
  • D/Right arrow key: To turn right
  • Click the mouse left button to select the powerups.

Powerups In The Game

There are three powerups in the game but they are not available for free. You have to purchase them with the diamonds you collect while playing.

If you play the game for the first time, you will get all the boosters of the game for free. A list of powerups is given below:

Powerups In The Game
Powerups In The Game
  • Shield: It is the most expensive one. You can activate it for 500 diamonds. It will protect your ball against obstacles on the track. It will deactivate once a ball collides with an obstacle. This powerup cannot protect you if the ball loses its balance and falls off the track.
  • Magnet: It cost 300 diamonds. Its function is to attract all the diamonds. Like shield powerup, it also gets deactivated if it crashes into obstacles.
  • x2: This powerup is the cheapest and you can purchase it for 200 diamonds. The role of x2 is to double the number of diamonds you collect while playing the game.

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