Would you like to have a snow ride at home? If yes, then get ready and log on to this website and play Snow Rider 3D, an adventurous game, without any restrictions and downloading.

You can ride on different sleighs and go as far as you can without any cost. While riding on the sleigh you can collect gifts which will give you a unique experience.

The game’s track is filled with hazards that you must avoid by jumping or swerving left and right.

Game Wiki

GameSnow Rider 3D
DeveloperNew Games
Released09 Dec 2020
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser(Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

How To Play Snow Rider 3D?

In the Snow Rider 3D game, you have to ride on a sleigh. A sleigh is a vehicle having no wheels. It is used for snow riding.

While riding, you will get many obstacles on the track. Avoid them either by jumping or steering left/ right according to the situation.

Snow Rider 3D Gameplay
Snow Rider 3D Gameplay

If your sleigh hits the block, it crashes and you get out. If you don’t collide, you can cover an infinite distance.

When you ride, collect as many gifts as you can. These gifts enable you to upgrade your sleigh.

How many sleighs Snow Rider 3D game offer?

The game offers 11 sleighs. Only one of the sleighs i.e. Toboggan is unlocked and you start with it in this riding game. The remaining sleighs you can unlock with the gifts you collect while riding.

Which are the locked sleighs in the game?

Although the sleighs are locked, the key to unlock them lies in your gaming skills. More the gifts you collect, the better the sleigh you can unlock and ride. Here are some of the best sleds in Snow Rider 3d:

  • Metal Sleigh
  • Evil Sleigh
  • Plastic Sleigh
  • Santa Sleigh
  • Round Sleigh
  • Chroma Sleigh
  • Eskimo Sleigh
  • Ancient Sleigh
  • Modern Sleigh
  • Hill Racing


Control the game with the following keys:

  • A/Left arrow key: To steer left
  • D/Right arrow key: To steer right
  • W/Up arrow key: To jump


  • The game has enchanting 3D graphics.
  • It is full of obstacles.
  • The game tests your hand-eye coordination.
  • You can ride as long as you can if you don’t hit any obstacles.

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