Holiday Mahjong Dimensions

Holiday Mahjong Dimensions is an online tile-matching game with a festive theme.

In this game, players engage in the classic mahjong gameplay of matching identical pairs of tiles to clear the board.


The core gameplay of Holiday Mahjong Dimensions remains the same: match identical pairs of tiles to clear the board. However, the festive makeover adds a delightful layer of charm.

Traditional mahjong tiles are replaced with thematic icons like candy canes, gingerbread houses, reindeer, and wrapped presents. The background showcases picturesque winter landscapes, and the soundtrack features merry holiday tunes.

The rule for matching tiles is that they must not be blocked by other tiles on their left or right side. Players aim to match as many tiles as possible within the given time frame of 350 seconds.

Gameplay Screenshot

Players have the option to reshuffle the tiles once, providing assistance if they encounter challenges in matching. This feature allows them to rearrange the tiles, potentially revealing new matching pairs and helping them overcome obstacles in the game.

The objective is to score points by successfully pairing tiles while adhering to the rule of unobstructed matching. The challenge lies in strategic tile selection and quick decision-making to maximize the score within the time limit.

Controls for Holiday Mahjong Dimensions game

  • Use the left mouse button to match the tiles.
  • Click the arrows, swipe, or use a keyboard( arrow keys or A and d ) to rotate the puzzle and find matches on other sides.

Features of Holiday Mahjong Dimensions

  • Each level has a timer of 350 seconds. Your goal is to match as many tiles as you can before time runs out.
  • Instead of regular tiles, play with festive ones like candy canes, gingerbread houses, reindeer, and presents.
  • It is an engaging game and keeps the player hooked for hours.

Game Wiki Table

ReleasedDecember 23, 2020
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser

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