Stair Race 3D is a fun and free online game where you control a stickman. Your job is to race to the top by collecting tiles and building stairs. It’s easy to play – just beat the computer opponents to the finish line.

It’s like Bridge Water Rush, and it’s a cool mix of strategy and racing. Try to reach the top quickly to win!

Whether you like planning or just love a good race, Stair Race 3D is a friendly game that’s simple and enjoyable. Give it a go and have fun racing to the finish.

How To Play?

This game is a mixture of racing and strategy. Here you have to collect tiles of the color of your character. After collecting the tiles of the desired color you have to arrange them and make stairs to reach the top.

One who reaches the top first is the winner of the game.

Stair Race 3DGameplay Screenshot
Stair Race 3DGameplay Screenshot

You can collect tiles only of your color but can arrange them in any of the ladders. See the image above.

You have to play cautiously because opponents will try to make you fall while you’re running and carrying tiles to build stairs. Surprisingly, falling might boost your chances of winning, so keep an eye on your enemies. Sometimes, you might even be thrown out of the game field – it’s all part of the game!

You can bump into any characters by falling their tiles if you are carrying more than them.

There are a total of 20 levels, each introducing more opponents to increase the challenge. You can’t play randomly; clear each level to unlock the next one.

On clearing the level, you get rewards in the form of points. These points enable you to unlock amazing skins and tiles which will give you an amazing gaming experience.

Controls for Stair Race 3D

The controls of the game are user-friendly. You can move your character either by dragging or using arrow keys.

Features of Stair Race 3D

  • 20 Challenging levels
  • Customization of character
  • Increasing difficulty
  • Available on mobile
  • Replayable

Game Wiki Table

GameStair Race 3D
DeveloperFamobi GmbH
Released DateMay 2, 2023
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop )

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