Mahjongg Dimensions 640 Seconds

Mahjongg Dimensions 640Seconds is a matching game that combines the classic concept of Mahjongg with a time-based challenge.

In this game, players have to match pairs of identical cubes not being blocked by other cubes on their left and right sides.

Gameplay of Mahjongg Dimensions 640 Seconds

The primary goal of the game is to match pairs of identical cubes within the given time frame.

Cube Matching

Players are presented with a three-dimensional structure made up of various cubes, each adorned with unique symbols or patterns. To make a match, players must click on two cubes with identical designs that are not obstructed by other cubes on their left and right sides.

Time Limit

The game introduces an element of time pressure. You get only 640 seconds to complete the matching process. This time constraint adds an extra layer of challenge, requiring quick thinking and efficient decision-making.

Three – Dimensional Layout

Unlike traditional Mahjongg games played on a flat surface, Mahjongg Dimensions presents a 3D cube structure.

Mahjongg Dimensions 640Seconds - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

This dimensionality adds complexity to the game, as players must navigate through multiple layers of cubes to find matches.

Blocked Cubes

To match all the cubes, think strategically and match them one by one, leaving space for other cubes.


The game features many bonuses if you clear similar cubes according to the game rules. The bonuses are as follows:

  • X2 Speed Match – You will activate a points multiplier if you make a match within 3 seconds of another match.
  • X5 Multimatch – Players will get bonus points for matching several of the image types in a row.
  • Time Bonus – You will get bonus points based on how much time you have left after solving all the puzzles.

Game Controls

  • Use the left mouse button

Features of Mahjongg Dimensions 640Seconds

  • Solve the puzzle within the stipulated time.
  • Easy game controls.
  • Bonus system
  • Match tiles obstructed on both the left and right sides
  • It is a web browser-based game.
  • Developed by Arkadium in Dec 2019.


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