Tile Guru Match Fun is an online puzzle game that falls into the category of tile-matching games.

In this game, players are presented with a stack of tiles, with different fruits on them and clear them from the gameboard by placing fruits in a tray.

Game Wiki

GameTile Guru Match Fun
DeveloperClever Apps Pte. Ltd
ReleasedSeptember 2023
GenrePuzzle, Arcade, Matching
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser


In this game, players aim to clear all the tiles from the game board. Each level starts with a stack of tiles featuring different fruits, where each tile displays only one fruit.

Some tiles stand alone, while others stack on top of each other. The visible top tile shows the fruit, while the bottom tile remains hidden. Players must strategically match and clear these tiles to progress through the game.

A tray at the bottom of the screen can hold up to 7 tiles. The unique feature of the tray is that when three similar fruits are placed in it, they are cleared from the tray.

Your task is to strategically place the tiles in the tray to form matches and clear them. Clicking on a tile places it in the tray, and your goal is to ensure that there are no tiles left to click on at the end of the level.

To win a level, you must clear all the tiles from the board, ensuring that the tray is empty. Some levels require clearing the tiles more than once to proceed to the next level, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Upon successfully clearing a level, you earn 10 stars. These stars work as game currency. You can use these to activate power-ups. These power-ups become available for purchase only when they appear on the screen. See the image below for more clarity:

Tile Guru Match Fun Gameplay Screenshot
Tile Guru Match Fun Gameplay Screenshot

As you progress through the game, the difficulty increases. Different types of fruit tiles are introduced, adding complexity to the matching process.


There are various powerups in the game including reshuffling, clearing space, and undoing the last action. You can purchase only when they are available.

They work only for one but you can purchase for multiple times provided you have a minimum number of stars to activate them.

There are powerups to reshuffle the tiles, clear the first three spaces in the tray, undo your last action, etc.

Image: Gameplay screenshot- Powerups

Gameplay screenshot- Powerups

Controls For Tile Guru Match Fun

Controls for this game are usually simple, making it accessible to players of all ages. Here are the common controls for this game:


  • Left click of the mouse to select the tile


  • Tap on the screen

Features of Tile Guru Match Fun

  • The game contains only colorful fruit tiles.
  • There is a tray that can accommodate only up to 7 fruits.
  • The game becomes more challenging when you advance in the game.
  • The tray clears the three similar tiles when they are placed in it.
  • There is no time to clear the level.
  • The game contains power-ups to solve the puzzles.

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