Connect 2

Connect 2 is a match-2 puzzle game where the player’s objective is to connect pairs of identical tiles within a specified time limit.

The game features a grid of tiles, each adorned with various kitchen utensils or kitchen equipment.

How to play?

In Connect 2, players must match pairs of identical tiles, each featuring shapes of various kitchen utensils arranged on a grid. However, there is a specific rule to adhere to when matching the tiles.

The presence of similar-looking cooking tools adds an extra layer of complexity, demanding keen attention to detail.

The rule dictates that there should be no other tiles in between the connected pairs, and the connection side must be open. You cannot match the tiles which are diagonally close to each other.

A crucial element of the gameplay is the ticking clock, as players must complete the matching within a specified time limit to progress successfully.

To aid players in their quest, the game provides three hints that can be strategically used to reveal potential matches. Throughout the game, players can monitor their remaining time, the number of remaining tiles, and their score.

Connect 2 - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

If you find yourself stuck in the game, occupied with work, or unable to continue, you have the option to pause the game.


The game controls are easy, allowing you to match tiles by simply clicking the left mouse button.

Connect 2 Game developer and platform details

GameConnect 2
ReleasedApril 24, 2017
GenreBoard, Matching, Puzzle
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet )


  • 3 clues to help the players.
  • The game is time-bound.
  • The game has easy controls.
  • Score Tracking
  • Addictive gameplay

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