Bubble Game 3 is an endless and classic bubble shooter game where players aim and shoot colored bubbles to match three or more of the same color, causing them to pop and disappear.

How To Play?

The game starts with a battlefield filled with bubbles of different colors arranged in nine rows. At the bottom, there’s a cannon that releases bubbles of different colors. You have to control the cannon by moving the mouse, aiming it carefully to hit groups of three or more matching bubbles.

Click to shoot a bubble towards the cluster. If the bubble hits a bubble of the same color, and that bubble is connected to other bubbles of the same color, then all three bubbles will burst and disappear from the screen. However, if the bubble strikes a bubble of a different color, it will stick to the game field, making it more challenging to clear the board.

As the bubbles rise higher on the battlefield, you must clear them before they reach the bottom of the screen. If even one bubble touches the bottom, the game is over.

When the bubbles pop, they earn you points. The more bubbles you eliminate, the more points you accumulate. So, try to score the maximum points by clearing as many bubbles as possible.

Key Binding of Bubble Game 3

  • Mouse – Desktop
  • Tap – Mobile


  • It is an endless game until a bubble reaches the bottom.
  • The game is simple to play.
  • It has easy access.
  • You can play without downloading.

Bubble Game 3 Wiki Table

GameBubble Game 3
ReleasedDec, 2017
GenreShooting, Arcade, Matching
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Tablet, Laptop, Mobile )

Strategy to Maximise The Score

Here are some tips and strategies to help you succeed in Bubble Game 3:

  • Take your time and aim carefully to maximize the impact of your shots.
  • Target bubbles that are connected to multiple bubbles of the same color. This will create larger chain reactions and clear more space on the board.
  • Don’t cluster the bubbles in the middle of the screen. This is the risky zone.
  • Prevent the bubbles from descending to the bottom of the screen.

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