Butterfly Kyodai is a free tile-matching game where you must match pairs of beautiful butterflies. This game poses a unique challenge due to the miniature size of the butterflies on the gameboard.

The butterflies might look alike, but if you pay attention, you’ll find the tiny differences that help you match them.

Game Important Info

GameButterfly Kyodai
ReleasedApril, 2017
ModeSingle Player
GenreMatching, Puzzle
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet )

How to play the Butterfly Kyodai game?

If you’ve played Dream Pet Link, you’ll find Butterfly Kyodai a breeze. Like many matching games, this one features tiles adorned with different butterflies.

Your goal is to clear the board by matching pairs of identical butterflies, adhering to the game’s rules:

  1. Adjacent Matches: Only butterflies directly adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically can be matched.
  2. No-Tile Matches: Butterflies separated by a single tile can still be matched if there’s no other tile between them.
  3. Outer Grid Exception: Tiles along the outer edge of the grid are exempt from the adjacency rule. Any pair of butterflies on the outer grid can be matched, regardless of their position.

To better grasp these rules, refer to the accompanying image. With a bit of practice, you’ll be matching butterflies like a pro!

Butterfly Kyodai - gameplay screenshot
Butterfly Kyodai – gameplay screenshot

If the puzzle proves particularly challenging, you have the option to reshuffle the tiles up to three times. This helpful button is conveniently located on the top right corner of the screen.

For every successful match, you’ll earn one point.


Players get a limited time to solve this matching game. There is a time meter on the top of the game screen that depletes slowly and continuously. If you want to take a break, there is a pause button located on the top right of the screen.


The game provides 3 clues to solve the puzzle.


Left Click of the mouse


  • Scan the board for obvious matches.
  • Don’t be afraid to shuffle the tiles
  • Take breaks by pausing the game.
  • Focus on matching pairs of tiles that are located on the edge of the board
  • Take a hint when you have little time left.

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