Best Classic Mahjong Connect is a tile-matching game played online. It has captivated players of all ages with its engaging gameplay, visual appeal, and mental challenges.

In this game, players have to clear the board in the stipulated time by matching similar tiles.

Best Classic Mahjong Connect Wiki

GameBest Classic Mahjong Connect
ReleasedSep 07, 2023
TechnologyHTML 5
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser( Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

How To Play Best Classic Mahjong Connect?

It is traditionally a matching game. The goal of the game is to clear the board by matching pairs of similar tiles while following game rules. Players take turns clearing tiles on their own and aiming to complete the game’s objectives.

In the game, you have to match only those similar tiles that are adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically but not diagonally. If two similar tiles are separated by a gap or not blocked by any other tiles, they can also be considered to be matched and will be removed from the board.

The tiles can also be matched and cleared from the board if they share outer vertical/horizontal lines.

Similar Tiles Sharing Outer Horizontal And Vertical Line, Similar Tiles Within The Grid
Similar Tiles Sharing Outer H/V Line

The game allows a limited to complete the task. There is a time meter displayed on the left side of the screen which depletes slowly and continuously.

But when you click on two similar tiles as per game rules, the time meter will get a boost.

The game is not endless. There are 12 different levels. The difficulty and challenges increase with the level.

You might find the initial levels very easy. But as the game progresses, the levels become difficult.

Time Meter And Levels
Time Meter And Levels

If you find any level very difficult or unable to complete the task, you may take the help of the clue given in the game. The game provides six clues per level.

Whenever you match similar tiles in the game, you will get 10 points.

Controls Of The Game

The primary controls include:

  • Desktop: Left-click on the mouse on similar tiles as per game rules.
  • Mouse: Tap on similar tiles as per game rules.

Tips For Playing Best Classic Mahjong Connect

This tile-matching puzzle game requires a combination of strategy, observation, and concentration. To excel at Best Classic Mahjong Connect, consider these tips

  • Before making your first move, take a moment to scan the entire game board.
  • Tiles that are blocked by others can’t be matched until they are cleared. Focus on removing tiles that obstruct other tiles, especially those that are in the middle of the board.
  • Avoid spending too much time on difficult pairs.
  • If you’re struggling with a level, take a short break and come back to it with a fresh perspective.
  • The game offers a “Hint” button that provides suggestions on which tiles can be matched. This can be helpful when you’re stuck or want to strategize your moves.


The features of the game are as follows:

  • Players progress by clearing levels, with increasing difficulty as they advance.
  • The game has 12 levels.
  • It offers a ‘Hint’ button that provides suggestions on which tiles can be matched.
  • The game finishes after a fixed period of time.
  • The game displays a time meter that depletes slowly and continuously.

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