Mahjong Dimensions: 900 seconds

Explore Mahjong Dimensions: 900 seconds is a 3D matching game where you match similar cubes in a cool 3D structure. Players have to match cubes that aren’t blocked on their left and right sides.

How to play?

To play, click the “Start” button. Afterward, a cluster of cubes in a 3D structure appears on the screen. Your main task is to match similar cubes with free sides on their left or right, not blocked by other tiles.

When you match the cubes, they will disappear from the screen. In this way, you to clear all the cubes from the screen.

To make a match, click on the cubes. Upon matching all the cubes, a new cluster will appear.

In this game, you’re allotted 900 seconds to match cubes. Match as many as possible within this timeframe. In the provided image below, identify two cubes, as indicated by the red arrow, that can be matched.

Gameplay screenshot
Gameplay screenshot

Clearing all cubes under the given time frame unlocks more cubes to match. If time elapses, the game will be over and you have to restart the game.

There is an option to reshuffle the cubes for one time after clearing all the cubes.


  • To rotate – Click the arrows, swipe, or use a keyboard(arrow keys or A and D) to rotate the puzzle and find matches on other sides.
  • To match – Click on the tiles by pressing the left mouse button

Features of Mahjong Dimensions: 900 seconds

  • Successfully clearing cubes in less than 900 seconds rewards you with a new cluster for extended gameplay.
  • Match as many cubes as possible in 15 minutes.
  • Running out of time prompts a game over.
  • Players get 100 points per match.

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Game Wiki Table

GameMahjong Dimensions: 900 seconds
Released DateMarch 09, 2021
Time Allowed15 minutes
ModeSingle Player
GenresMatching, 3D
PlatformWeb Browser (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Laptop )

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