Bubble Shooter 3 is a game, where players are required to clear bubbles by shooting.

Game Description:

Published25 April 2017
GenreBubble, Fun, Kids, Shooting
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb browser (Mobile, Tab, Desktop)

How to play Bubble Shooter 3?

Guide to playing Bubble Shooter 3

  • In this game, you will see a game box with colorful bubbles at the top. At the bottom of the screen, you will have a shooter that releases bubbles of multiple colors.
  • To shoot a bubble, use your mouse and rotate the shooter in the left or right direction to target the bubble then right-click on the mouse to release or shoot a bubble (on mobile devices you can directly touch the target bubble to release the shooter). If it hits bubbles of the same color in a group of three or more, all bubbles of the group disappear and you get the points.
  • If you hit a bubble that has a different color, the newly released bubble will stick with another bubble.
  • When you hit a bubble of the same color that is not adjacent to another similar bubble, the bubbles will not pop and will remain on the board.
  • You win the game by clearing all the bubbles, and your score will be based on the number of bubbles you pop. If bubbles reach the bottom of the screen without being cleared, you lose the game.


  • This game can be played without downloading.
  • The harmonious combination of sound and light makes it more attractive.
  • The game is easy to access.
  • It is mobile and kid-friendly.

Who Developed the Bubble Shooter 3 game?


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