Help The Hero is an online puzzle game in which your goal is to make choices that will help the brave hero escape or avoid harm.

The game was developed by AA2G1. This game is almost identical to ‘Save The Girl’.

Game Wiki Table

GameHelp The Hero
ReleasedSeptember, 2023
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb browser

How To Play?

In the game, you’ll encounter various scenarios where the brave hero is in a tricky or dangerous situation. These scenarios can range from being trapped in a burning building to facing a wild animal.

To solve any puzzle or come out of any problem, you have 2 options. Take the help of one of the options and help the hero come out of difficulties.

Help The Hero Gameplay
Help The Hero Gameplay

Your choices have consequences. If you make the wrong decision, the hero might get hurt, and you’ll need to replay the level.

Defeat By Taking Wrong Decision
Defeat By Taking Wrong Decision

The game is divided into levels, and you need to complete each level to progress. The scenarios become progressively more challenging as you advance.

Each level in the game is filled with unique puzzles and decision-making scenarios. A wrong decision in any situation will defeat the brave hero.

On clearing the level, you get 50 points. You can change the face cover of the character by unlocking various face covers.


Left mouse button


  • If you fail a level, you can try again without penalty. Learning from your mistakes and trying different approaches can often lead to success.
  • Think deeply and then solve any problem.
  • Use your problem-solving skills to make choices and solve puzzles to ensure the hero’s safety.

Features Of Help The Hero

  • The game is divided into levels, and players need to complete each level to advance.
  • The scenarios become progressively more challenging as you progress.
  • The game has two options to solve any situation.

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