Amogus.io is an addictive multiplayer online game in which you have to claim as much territory as much as possible in the sky.

This game has a close connection with Paper.io, with the primary distinction lying in its thematic approach. While Paper.io centers around a land theme, Amogus.io takes players to new heights with a captivating sky theme.

How to play the Amogus.io game?

In this multiplayer game, you take on the role of a small crewmate navigating the skies to claim as much space as possible. At the outset, you commence with a modest territory denoted by a circle.

The game screen displays the percentage of the area you captured at the top left. Below it, the screen shows your previously played best score.

Upon capturing territory, the game displays the percentage of the area you seized.

Amogus.io Gameplay Screenshot
Amogus.io Gameplay Screenshot

To expand your domain, move outside your safe zone, draw lines to encompass new areas, and return to your starting point. This process enables you to capture additional territory. It’s important to note that crossing your line or colliding with it while outside your area leads to defeat. This rule applies to all players in the game.

Ensure you close the loop by returning to your circle, thereby securing the claimed space. However, exercise caution, as failure to complete the loop before someone crosses your line, or if you inadvertently cross your line, results in elimination.

When any player defeats you, the game displays your progress card. You can see how much percentage area you seized, your best score, the time you played, and the number of players you defeated in the game.

Even though grabbing a lot of space is important in the game, the places you’ve taken can still be attacked by others.


  • WASD/Arrow Keys
  • Drag a mouse by pressing its left button to seize space.

Game Details

Released DateNovember 15, 2021.
GenreArcade, Strategy
PlatformWeb Browser


  • Territorial Conquest:
  • Unique Sky Theme
  • Progress Display
  • Risk and Elimination
  • Multiplayer

Game Tips

  • Expand cautiously to minimize vulnerability to attacks.
  • When faced with multiple players, retreat to your home zone for safety.
  • Seizing large areas in one go is risky.
  • Avoid risks such as crossing your line.

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