Dynamons 5 is a strategy game developed by Azerion Casual. It is the sixth game in the Dynamons series, which is renowned for its intricate and challenging gameplay focused on founding nations, using magic, and engaging in battle in a fantastical setting.

It is a game that requires a significant investment of time to master, but it offers a rewarding and immersive experience for fans of deep strategy and fantasy worlds. You can play it with AI in single-player mode or with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Dynamons 5 wiki

GameDynamons 5
DeveloperAzerion Casual
ReleasedAug 2023
GenreStrategy, Management
ModeSingleplayer, Multiplayer
PlatformsWeb browser, Android, iOS


Here’s an overview of the core gameplay elements in Dynamons 5:

  • At the beginning of the game, choose a nation to play as. Each nation has its unique strengths, weaknesses, units, and magical abilities.
  • The game is played in turns, with each turn representing a session. In each turn, you have to fight with the other Dynamons.
Dominions 5
  • While fighting manage your nation’s resources, make strategic decisions, and take action during your turn.
  • On winning a match you will get gold, resources/items, and magical gems.
  • Gold can be used to recruit Dynamons with the dispatch, a device used to catch the Dynamons.
  • Resources/ Items will increase the fighting abilities of the Dynamons.
  • Magical gems are crucial for casting spells and performing rituals.
  • You must explore the map to uncover hidden provinces, resources, and potential threats. Exploring new territories is also crucial for expanding your nation’s borders.


  • Mobile Controls: Tap the screen
  • Computer: Play with the help of a mouse

Features of Dynamons 5

  • Single-player and multiplayer mode
  • Resource management
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Deep magic system

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Download the game from the link given below:

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