Hole.io is a multiplayer online game where you control a voracious black hole, aiming to consume as much as possible, including benches and buildings, within a limited time.

How To Play Hole.io?

Hole.io is a captivating game where your goal is to grow your black hole by swallowing different objects.

Hole.io Gameplay Screenshot
Hole.io Gameplay Screenshot

Beginning with a small hole, each time you absorb something smaller than your hole, it expands. As your hole gets bigger, you can engulf larger objects, allowing continuous growth.

This dynamic mechanism keeps the game engaging as you absorb items to reach new sizes and capacities.

Earning points in the game is based on the objects you consume, with larger objects yielding more points. However, be cautious around bigger holes, as they can engulf you.

If you get eaten, there’s a brief waiting period before you respawn and rejoin the game. So, steer clear of larger holes, strategize your moves wisely, and aim to maximize your points by consuming objects effectively in this growing game.

You can enlarge the size of your hole equivalent to the size of the game field.

Game Modes

The game presents two modes: Classic and Battle Royale. Opt for Classic if you’re short on time but aiming for a high score. In this mode, you have just 2 minutes to absorb as many objects as possible, and the player with the largest circle at the end emerges victorious.

On the other hand, Battle Royale is an endless mode where you stay on the field until everything, including other characters, is consumed.

Each mode offers a unique challenge, so whether you prefer a time-bound competition or an endless devouring spree, Hole.io has the perfect mode for your gaming preference.


Hole.io features a diverse range of maps. They are City, Medieval, Japan, Sci-Fi, Pirates, Post-apocalyptic, Farm, Cartoon Town, Western, and Vikings. You can select any of the maps before hitting on play button.


You have the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience by unlocking new skins. Various skins are initially locked, and you can access them by completing specific tasks assigned for each skin.


  • WASD Keys
  • Arrow Keys
  • Drag a mouse

Game Details – Hole.io

ReleasedJune, 2018
GenreStrategy, Arcade, Puzzle
PlatformsWeb Browser, Android, iOS


  • Absorbing Gameplay
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Diverse Maps
  • Endless and Timed Modes
  • Object Size Scoring
  • Unlockable Skins

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