Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog is a puzzle game that challenges players with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of an adorable canine companion. It was developed by TrendyGames and released in November 2022.

Players have to safeguard the little puppy from bee attacks. The game combines strategy, adorable visuals, and changing challenges that contribute to an engaging gameplay experience.

How To Play?

The main goal of the Protect My Dog game is to keep the puppy safe by drawing a protective line around it. The challenge lies in preventing the dog from falling; if it does, the game ends.

When you draw a safety line, it acts as a shield for the puppy. However, bees will now attack the safety line, attempting to make the dog fall.

The game includes a timer, and the bees continue their assault until either the pet falls and reaches the danger line at the bottom, or the timer reaches zero.

Success involves skillfully drawing lines to safeguard the puppy until the timer runs out without succumbing to the bee attacks.

Once the timer reaches zero and your puppy remains safe, you advance to the next level. See the image below for better understanding.

Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

The key to success involves applying logic and clever strategies to protect your character from bee attacks.

With a total of 40 levels, each presents a unique challenge requiring a strategy for successful completion.


  • Use the left mouse button to draw a line

Features of Protect My Dog game

  • There are 40 levels to play, each with different challenges.
  • Your job is to draw lines to protect a cute puppy from falling and getting stung by bees.
  • If you keep your puppy safe until the timer hits zero, you go to the next level.
  • You can play it on now.gg.

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