State.io game is a single-player strategy game in which players have to capture as many states as they can.

The more you capture the states, the more you will earn troops that are required to seize states in the game.

Game Facts

DeveloperAI Games FZ
ReleasedNov 2020
GenreStrategy, Puzzle
ModeSingle Player
PlatformsWeb Browser, Android, iOS


In State.io, your goal is to conquer territories and establish your dominance on the map. Initially, the map appears grey, but your territory is sky blue by default. You have the option to change your territory’s color to red. The grey regions of the map have 10 units each.

There is a progress meter at the top of the screen that indicates the conquered regions of all the players. It fills up when you conquer territory. When it’s completely filled with a single color, the game is over.

In this game, numbers represent troops or soldiers. Your task is to transfer troops from regions with higher numbers to those with smaller numbers. You can only capture territories that have fewer troops or numbers than your own.

Sending troops from a region with more soldiers changes the color of uncaptured territory. Upon conquering opponents’ territories, the color of those regions changes to match yours, indicating your successful conquest.

As you capture more territories, your troop count increases. To succeed in dominating the map, you must consistently send troops to regions with fewer soldiers. However, be aware that there are opponents with objectives similar to yours. They aim to expand their territory and dominate the map as well. Seize territories from them and defend your own against their attacks.

As you deploy additional troops to a region, its color darkens. The game becomes progressively more challenging as you advance; the number of opponents rises. Prevent your opponents from dominating the map.

State.io Gameplay Screenshot
State.io Gameplay Screenshot

Upon clearing levels, you earn bonus points which can be utilized to increase your production speed.


Additionally, you can modify the starting unit from 10 to 15 or more to enhance your strategy.


Drag the left mouse button to capture the states.


Q.1 Can I play the game on an iPhone?

Yes, you can play it iPhone.

Q.2 Is the game free to play?

Yes, the game is free to play. You can play it for free on this website.

Q.3 Is the game safe for kids?

Yes. It will help students in making strategies.

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