Money Movers 1

Money Movers 1 is an online puzzle game in which you have to help 2 characters exit the prison while collecting bundles of money.

The game is similar to the series of Fireboy and Watergirl. You can play this game solo or with your friend by sharing the keyword.


The game is about solving the puzzle. The gameplay involves pushing buttons, pulling levers, throwing, and moving objects like boxes. Solve puzzles by utilizing the strengths of both characters where necessary.

You can either control both the characters or take the help of your friends to play and guide one of the brothers.

Each brother possesses unique abilities. The elder brother is very heavy and can throw heavy objects like boxes but cannot jump high. While the younger one is weak but active and can handle tasks requiring agility.

There are a total of 20 levels in the game. Each level has its unique name. For example, Level 1 is named Basic Rules, and Level 2 is called Brotherly Shoulder.

Money Movers 1 - gameplay screenshot
Gameplay screenshot

Keep clearing the level and find out and explore the name of the level.

Money Boxes

To add an extra layer of challenge and reward, 3 money bags are scattered throughout the levels. If you gather all the money bags in every level, you will be able to unlock the bonus level.

Game Controls

  • WASD Keys – Younger Brother
  • Arrow Keys – Elder Brother


  • Puzzle solving gameplay
  • Cooperation and coordination
  • 20 levels in the game excluding the bonus level.
  • Puzzle not time-bound
  • Easy game controls.

Game Details of Money Movers 1

GameMoney Movers 1
DeveloperMeow Beast
ReleasedMarch 2015
GenreStrategy, Puzzle, Arcade
Mode2 player
PlatformWeb Browser

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