Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a first-person single-player online bike racing game. The game is very popular on the internet because of the modes and themes of the game.

Players can enjoy the thrill of speeding through traffic and completing missions while striving to achieve high scores and unlock new content.

Game Wiki

GameTraffic Rider
DeveloperDeWise Studios
ReleasedMay 2018
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser

Game Modes

The game features 4 game modes:

  • Traffic Time: The objective of this mode is to ride for a specific duration of time without crashing. You need to survive and keep riding for as long as possible within the time limit. The challenge is to avoid accidents and navigate through traffic without running out of time.
Traffic Rider Gameplay Screenshot - Traffic Time Mode
Gameplay Screenshot – Traffic Time Mode
  • Traffic Ride: In this mode you have to ride your motorcycle through traffic-filled city streets, avoiding collisions. In this, there is no time limit. Ride as long as you can without hitting any other vehicles.
Traffic Rider Gameplay Screenshot - Traffic Ride Mode
Traffic Rider Gameplay Screenshot – Traffic Ride Mode
  • Time Trial: In this mode, players have to ride for a fixed period. They have to cover a maximum distance without being crushed. On the road, you’ll find no other vehicles. Your journey will be solitary, and you won’t earn any points during this ride.
Gameplay Screenshot -Time Trial Mode
Gameplay Screenshot -Time Trial Mode
  • Free Ride: Players have the freedom to ride endlessly without any constraints. They can explore the virtual city, enjoy the graphics, and practice their skills without the pressure of completing missions. In this mode, there are no vehicles other than you on the highway.
Gameplay Screenshot - Free Ride Mode
Gameplay Screenshot – Free Ride Mode
  • There is no chance of losing life in it. This is a rewardless mode, which means you won’t get any points for riding in this mode.


  • A/ Left arrow key: To steer left
  • D/ Right arrow key: To steer right
  • W/Up arrow key: To accelerate
  • Esc: To pause

Features of Traffic Rider

  • There are four exciting game modes in Traffic Rider: Traffic Time, Traffic Ride, Time Trial, and Free Ride. Initially, only the Traffic Time mode is accessible. However, as you accumulate points during your rides, you can unlock the other game modes for even more thrilling challenges.
  • The game features three captivating themes: Desert, Jungle, and Snow. In the beginning, only the Desert theme is available.
  • There are four fantastic bikes in the game. Initially, only one bike is accessible, but the others are waiting to be unlocked.

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How can I download Traffic Rider?

You can download the game from the link given below:

Google Play Store Badge Render in 150 W and Auto H
App Store Badge 150 W and Auto H

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