Counter Craft 2 Zombies is the first-person online shooting game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. It is the second installment of the Counter Craft Zombies series.

Gear up, load your weapons, and prepare for intense zombie-slaying action in this exciting shooting game.

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GameCounter Craft 2 Zombies
ReleasedJuly 2023
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb browser


In this shooting game, you play as a character in a world overrun by zombies. In the game, cities have been abandoned, and people have either fled to safety or barricaded themselves indoors. As a survivor, you take on the role of a fighter against these undead monsters.

Before starting to kill these monsters, you have to select the map. There are 5 different locations in the game such as Assault, Aztec, Bank, Dust 2, and Office. You can select any one of these maps for free. You can explore other maps one by one.

Various Maps in the  Game
Various Maps in the Game

Your main goal is to survive and advance through different levels of the game. To do this, you need to eliminate a certain number of zombies in each level.

In each level, you’ll find the number of zombies you need to eliminate displayed at the top right of the screen. The first level of any map has the lowest number of zombies to kill i.e. 10.

In this game, your life is shown as a number, usually beginning at 100. Zombies pose a threat, reduce this number when they get close to you. When your life points reach zero, you lose the game. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your distance from the zombies and eliminate them efficiently.

Counter Craft 2 Zombies: Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

You have an option to wield three different guns to fight off the zombies. However, it’s important to note that your ammunition is limited, so you need to use your bullets wisely to defeat these monsters. The game allows you to switch between the guns at any time while you’re on the field. The gun can be changed by just rotating the mouse wheel.

There are explosive blocks on the game field. Shooting these blocks can help you take out many zombies at once, but if you get too close to them, it may take your life.


  • W/Up arrow key: Move forward
  • A/Left arrow key: Move left
  • D/Right arrow key: Move right
  • C: Crouch
  • R: Reload
  • T: Walk slowly

To target the zombies, you’ll need to move your mouse. If you wish to switch your weapon, simply rotate the mouse wheel.

Weapons in Counter Craft 2 Zombies game

You can use three powerful weapons in this game. The image of all three guns used in the game is given below:

  1. The gun in the image given below can load 30 bullets. You get a total of 950 bullets to shoot in each level. Look at the image given below:
Counter Craft 2 Zombies Gameplay Screenshot: Assault rifle
Gameplay Screenshot: Assault rifle
  1. The second gun can load only 10 bullets so don’t waste the bullets otherwise you will have to reload again and again. See the image given below:
Counter Craft 2 Zombies Gameplay Screenshot: Sniper rifle
Gameplay Screenshot: Sniper rifle
  • 3 The player is shooting with the pistol in the game. It can also load 10 bullets. See the image for more clarity
Gameplay Screenshot: Shotgun
Gameplay Screenshot: Shotgun

Features of Counter Craft Zombies 2

  • The game features various maps for players to explore.
  • You have the option to use three different guns to shoot zombies. Each gun is suitable for specific situations.
  • Players can easily switch between their guns, allowing them to effectively combat different types of zombies.
  • The game screen displays your health and the number of zombies you have defeated.
  • You can also check the number of bullets left in your arsenal.


Here are some of the tips to help you kill zombies:

  • Ammunition is limited. Use your bullets wisely and avoid unnecessary firing.
  • Switch weapons strategically. Make use of three weapons according to the situation. Use assault rifles for medium-range combat, sniper rifles for long-range accuracy, and shotguns for close encounters.
  • Avoid shooting explosive blocks very closely.
  • Stay away from zombies.
  • Don’t stay in one spot for too long; keep moving and avoid getting cornered.

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