Stick War: Infinity Duel

Stick War: Infinity Duel is a funny shooting game where stickmen have a big gunfight.

In this game, you control a stickman, grab falling weapons, and use them to beat your opponent.

You can play this game with a computer opponent or with your friend by sharing the keyboard.

How to play?

In this shooting game, you engage in a battle against stickmen, aiming to collect falling weapons for shooting. Timing is crucial; if you miss, your opponent will shoot you. Before playing, choose Player 1 for an AI opponent or Player 2 for a friend.

Player 1 and Player 2 have separate controls. After selecting the mode, pick from 8 different battlefields; choosing randomly changes the battlefield after each match.

The game offers 5 weapons such as AK47, shotgun, pistol, Uzi, and Bazooka. You can choose a specific gun or play with a random selection.

Failing to grab a weapon doesn’t mean defeat—you can snatch it from your opponent. Beware of obstacles like spikes and lava; they are dangerous on the battlefield.

Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

Handle bullets with care; running out means collecting a weapon again, and you risk being shot by your enemy. To win, defeat your opponent with a score of 4-2 or 5-1.

Controls for Stick War: Infinity Duel

Player 1

  • Left Arrow Key – To move left
  • Right Arrow Key – To move right
  • Up Arrow Key – To jump
  • L Key – To jump

Player 2

  • A Key -To move left
  • D Key – To move right
  • W Key – To jump
  • F Key – To shoot

Game Wiki Table

Released DateDecember 01, 2021
ModesOne Player, Two Player
GenreShooting, Platform, Arcade
PlatformWeb Browser ( not on mobile )


The features of the Stick War: Infinity Duel are as follows:

  • Grab falling weapons to shoot your opponent.
  • Choose Player 1 for AI or Player 2 for a friend.
  • Player 1 and Player 2 have separate controls
  • Watch out for spikes and lava on the battlefield.
  • 8 battlefields and 5 guns to select in the game

Tips for Stick War: Infinity Duel

  • If you miss a weapon, grab it from your opponent.
  • Push your enemy to the edge of the battlefield to make him fall into the lava.
  • Keep moving or jumping to defend.

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