Vex 7 is the seventh installment of the vex series. It is a popular free-to-play stickman game. The game was developed by Regina D Fritz.

Like other series of Vex, in Vex 7 you have to clear the levels by running and jumping over hurdles.

Vex 7 Wiki

GameVex 7
Developer Regina D Fritz
ReleasedOctober 2022
GenreStickman, Arcade, Platformer
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser( Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

How to play?

It is a platformer game in which your ultimate aim is to clear the levels and collect the coins.

Vex 7 Gameplay
Gameplay Screenshot

While beating the levels, you have to avoid various obstacles like fatal traps, spikes, and swimming pools otherwise you will end your life.

The game requires strategy and problem-solving skills to beat the levels with a high score. The game provides a feature of customization of the character.

While playing the game, you can win trophies, disable blood, and select characters. The game features auto restart level up the death of the player. The game also resets automatically when the best time passes.

Vex 7 Setting Menu
Setting Menu

You can tailor your character by purchasing new skins. Press ‘Skins’ on the home screen. Here you will get various locked skins. You can unlock them by gathering coins and completing the daily task assigned to you.


  • W/Up arrow key: To jump
  • A/left arrow key: To move left
  • D/Right arrow key: To move right
  • S/Down arrow key: To couch
  • Spacebar: To attack enemy

How to earn more coins in the Vex 7 game?

You can earn more coins by completing the daily quest and completing the levels with a higher score.

Tips for Vex 7

You must follow the following tips to play smoothly:

  • Jump at the right time.
  • Avoid overtime diving in the water, as it may kill your character.
  • Try to jump and avoid falling.

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