Funny Shooter is a first-person shooting game where you aim and shoot at orange characters.

In this game, you’ll face different enemies with different shapes and sizes. They each have special abilities and use unusual strategies. The varied enemies make this online shooting game more interesting.

You can quickly get rid of enemies as you are equipped with advanced weapons. Get ready to wipe out all intruders and win.

Funny Shooter Game Tabl,

Game NameFunny Shooter
ReleasedJune 2022
ModeSingle Player
Enemy VarietyVarious shapes and sizes
ObjectiveEliminate orange outfit characters
PlatformWeb browser (Desktop and Mobile)

How To Play?

In the game, your main goal is to shoot all the enemies who are wearing orange clothes. You can see how many enemies you need to shoot on the top left of the screen. The mission is finished when you’ve shot all the enemies shown on the screen, and then you can go to the next level.

These enemies come in different shapes and sizes, and each of them has their own funny fighting abilities. To shoot them, you have 18 different weapons to choose from. You can pick any weapon according to the situation by moving the mouse wheel.

There’s even a grenade you can use to blast the enemies. You get limited grenades, so you have to use them only when it is required. in the game But watch out! If you stay in one place for too long, the orange-dressed characters might attack you.

The name of the weapon you are using is shown at the bottom left of the screen. Below it, you can also see the number of bullets that can be loaded into the gun and the remaining bullets. Additionally, there is information about the number of grenades you have and the quantity remaining

To stay safe, you have to keep moving around. This helps you dodge things like pitchforks, grenades, and chainsaws. Some enemies are cleverly placed on the battlefield to make it tricky for you.

Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

So, in short, run around, use your weapons wisely, and shoot all the funny orange-dressed enemies to complete each level.

Weapons you can use in the game

There are 18 high-tech weapons as already mentioned above. The name of these weapons is mentioned below:

Funny Shooter -  Gun List
Funny Shooter – Gun List
  • AK 47
  • M4A1
  • Scar H
  • FN FNP 45
  • Beretta 92
  • Colt M1911
  • H&K USP
  • Kriss Vector
  • Agram 2000
  • UZI
  • FNP90
  • UMP
  • L42 Enfield
  • M107
  • Draguma Riffle
  • Launcher Gl06
  • RPG 7 Bazooka
  • Shotgun

Controls For Funny Shooter Game

  • Mouse – Look Around
  • WASD – Movement
  • W+Shift – Run
  • Space – Jump
  • Left Mouse button – Shoot
  • Right Mouse button(Hold) – Aim
  • 1-7 – Weapon Hotkeys
  • R – Reload
  • F – Knife Attack 1
  • Q – Knife Attack 2
  • G – Throw Grenade
  • T – Inspect The Weapon
  • E – Remove Weapon


  • Shoot all enemies dressed in orange outfits.
  • Enemies come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Each enemy has unique abilities and unconventional tactics.
  • It is an engaging game.
  • It can be played without downloading.
  • 18 different weapons are available.
  • Weapons range from pistols to grenade launchers.
  • It is a First-person shooting action game.
  • Avoid pitchforks, grenades, and chainsaws.
  • The game has an engaging and vibrant graphics.
  • The game’s sound is appealing.

Strategy For Funny Shooter Game

  • Dodge pitchforks, grenades, and other incoming attacks by actively moving away from their trajectory.
  • Save grenades for situations where multiple enemies are grouped together.
  • Keep an eye on your ammo count. Reload at opportune moments to avoid running out during critical situations.

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