Road Racing: Highway Car Chase is an infinite car racing game with no checkpoints or final stages. You can drive continuously as long as your car has fuel.

Players will not be fined for driving at high speeds, nor will they be penalized for accidents involving other cars.

You will see numerous AI cars running on the road while playing. So, are you ready to become a highway racing champion? Start playing now.

How to play Road Racing: Highway Car Chase?

The game is all about driving on a busy highway with many cars. You’ll need to show your driving skills because lots of cars will pass by you.

It’s not divided into levels or missions; it’s an endless game. Your goal is to drive and collect coins, stars, and fuel.

Use the coins and stars to unlock new tracks or game modes. It’s a simple and fun game where you keep driving, collect things, and unlock more exciting tracks of the game as you play.

Road Racing: Highway Car Chase - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

The game will end when the car runs out of fuel.

Cars in Road Racing: Highway Car Chase game

There are 5 different cars you can drive in the game. You can drive any of the cars for free or without any coins or stars. The list of the cars is given below:

  • Taurion
  • Scorpio
  • City hiya
  • Boga Poga
  • Masa Tara


Three boosters in the game will enhance your driving skills. You can activate them before playing. The boosters include:

  • Nitro: Damages other cars and boosts your car’s speed.
  • Shield: This booster helps you retain speed for the first collision
  • Magnet: Attracts all coins, nitro, and fuels toward you.


You can use the following key to drive a car effectively:

  • WASD or Arrow Keys

Game Details

GameRoad Racing: Highway Car Chase
ReleasedApril 14, 2020
ModeSingle Player
GenreRacing, Car
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop )


  • Endless gameplay
  • Available on mobile
  • Play on full-screen
  • Play without downloading
  • 5 amazing cars to drive
  • Different track to real-time experience

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