Park me


Park Me is a puzzle and strategy game where you must maneuver a group of cars out of a parking lot jam without causing any accidents.

The cars can only move forward, so you need to carefully plan their paths to avoid collisions.

How to play Park Me?

Your ultimate goal in the game is to park all the cars in the parking spot. There is a rule in the game that while parking a car, it should not collide with any other car. When a car collides with any car while parking, the game will be over.

In this game, cars are scattered on the field, and you need to park them, but there’s space for only five cars. When you park three cars of the same color together, they disappear, creating room for three more cars.

Strategically park three similar-colored cars to continuously open up space for additional cars. This unique mechanic adds a layer of strategy to the game, allowing you to manage the limited parking spots effectively.

Keep parking and creating space to accommodate the growing number of cars.

As you progress and clear levels in the game, the challenge intensifies. The number of car colors increases with each level, heightening the difficulty and adding complexity to the gameplay.

Park Me - Level 3 Gameplay Screenshot
Park Me – Level 3 Gameplay Screenshot

There is no time limit in the game for parking all the cars, so take your time and avoid rushing. This feature allows players to focus on thoughtful planning and execution


  • Left click of the mouse to move the car

Game Wiki Table

GamePark Me
ReleasedJune 15, 2023
GenreArcade, Puzzle, Car
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Tablet, Laptop, Mobile )

Features of Park Me Game

  1. The game has five parking slots
  2. Match 3 cars of the same color, and they’ll vanish.
  3. There is no time limit to solve the puzzle.
  4. The game has easy game controls.
  5. Play it on mobile.
  6. The number of levels in the game corresponds to the variety of colors for the cars.

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