Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an online driving game where players compete in races on unconventional tracks.

Unlike traditional racing games with flat tracks, this game features hilly terrain with steep ascents and descents, offering a unique and challenging driving experience

This game is not just about racing, it’s like a wild ride on various maps with cool cars and stunts.

How To Play?

In the Hill Climb Racing 2 game, you drive a car on bumpy roads with lots of hills and slopes. You can do cool tricks and explore different places. At first, you can drive only in one area, but you can unlock more by earning game money.

As you drive, you’ll come across coins that act as in-game currency. Your goal is to collect as many as you can while making sure your car doesn’t fall. If your car falls, the game ends, but your total points never go to zero.

Hill Climb Racing 2 - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

Keep an eye out for fuel too! If your car’s fuel meter drops to zero, your vehicle will run out of fuel, requiring you to restart the game. Keep an eye on the fuel meter, positioned at the top left of the screen, to monitor your car’s remaining fuel.

Various maps in Hill Climb Racing 2 game

The list of maps and coins required to unlock them is given below:

MAPSCoins required to unlock maps
Country Side Level 1By default
Country Side Level 230000
Spring Mountain 135000
Spring Mountain 240000
Desert Level 145000
Desert Level 250000
Night Level 155000
Night Level 260000
Winter Mountain65000
Mars Level 170000
Mars Level 275000
Desert 180000
Old Forest Level 185000
Old Forest Level 290000
Snow Storm95000

Cars You Can Drive

Here’s a list of cars along with the corresponding coins required to unlock them:

CAR/VEHICLECoins required to unlock cars
JeepUnlock BY Default
Wild Track130000
The Light Car140000

Players can unlock and test each car by collecting a specified amount of coins during their gameplay.

Upgrades in the game

The game provides the option to enhance your car’s performance through various upgrades, as enumerated in the table below:

Type Of UpgradeTires

Players can choose and invest in these upgrades to optimize their cars for a better gaming experience.


  1. W/Up Arrow Key – Accelerate
  2. A/Left Arrow Key – Back Flip
  3. D/Right Arrow Key – Front Flip
  4. S/Down Arrow Key – Brake

Features of Hill Climb Racing 2

  • 12 vehicles to drive
  • The track has many slopes
  • 15 different maps to explore
  • Engaging Gameplay

Who is the developer of the Hill Climb Racing 2

Vseigru.net developed this game. The game was published in February 2019.

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