Grand Vegas Simulator

Grand Vegas Simulator is an immersive car racing game where you assume the role of a cop entrusted with maintaining law and order in the city.

This game offers a journey packed with missions that challenge and test your policing skills.

Game Wiki Table

DeveloperNo Outlinks
Released DateDecember 13, 2022
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser (Desktop, Tablet, Laptop )

How To Play?

In this game, you work as a police officer and have various missions to complete.

Grand Vegas Simulator - Dashboard

The tasks include chasing and hitting a car to arrest it, passing through checkpoints without hitting cones, going to accident scenes, escorting the president, and reaching a specific speed like 250 km per hour.

Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

As you drive, you might receive a call from the police department about a crime. If you accept the call, you can participate in a mission.

Completing missions earns you coins. You can use these coins to buy new cars. Initially, only one car is available, and you need coins to unlock the other 9 cars.

You can also upgrade and customize your car to make missions easier. Keep in mind that upgrades and customization require in-game currency, which is the coins you earn during missions.

Controls of Grand Vegas Simulator

Use the following keys to play the game:

  • W/Up Arrow Key: To accelerate
  • A/Left Arrow Key: To turn left
  • D/Right Arrow Key: To turn right
  • S/Down Arrow Key: To brake

Features of Grand Vegas Simulator

  • There are missions related to police departments.
  • To participate in the mission, receive the call.
  • There are a total of 10 cars available to drive.

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