Going Balls

Going Balls is an easy and enjoyable arcade game where players roll a metallic ball across sky tracks. This game was developed by 2Play in January 2022.

How to play?

The game’s objective is to skillfully navigate a metallic ball through curved and challenging tracks suspended in the sky. Players must exercise caution as the track isn’t linear, featuring twists and turns. The game concludes if the ball falls.

In this game, the ball will only move on a flat surface when you press the WASD or Arrow keys.

You can roll the ball both forward and backward, allowing you to collect any coins or keys you may have missed.

Players start with 5 balls and lose one with each uncontrolled descent. The game initiates as long as there are remaining balls. Exhausting all balls triggers a message ‘You have no ball left,’ providing options to either refill or restart the level.

Upon restarting a level, only one ball is provided, making it more advantageous to opt for a refill. Clicking the refill button replenishes the player’s stock with 5 balls, ensuring continuous play.

Strive to collect as many golden coins as possible, as they serve as the key to unlocking new balls.

You must keep an eye out for keys along the track; collecting them is crucial. These keys unlock treasure chests, yielding extra coins.

Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

With these additional coins, you can effortlessly unlock any locked ball within your budget, enhancing your gameplay and expanding your collection of balls

Role of Grey Tile

The grey tile in the game proves highly beneficial for completing levels effortlessly.

Going Balls - Grey Tile on the track
Grey Tile on the track

When you pass through this tile and, suppose, the game ends because the ball falls, it will restart right from where the game concluded.

How many balls are locked in the game?

There are 7 balls locked in the game.


WASD/Arrow Keys

Features of Game

  • Multiple Levels
  • Increasing Challenges
  • 8 different balls
  • 3D graphics


Web Browser

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