Sand Sort Puzzle

Sand Sort Puzzle is a fun game where you pour same-colored sand into different glasses, like a puzzle.

How to play?

You’ll be provided with many pots containing sand of different colors in this game. Your task is to separate the colored sand into pots with only one color.

When a tube or pot is full of single-color sand, a flower grows at the top, indicating that that color is completely sorted out. Flowers will grow on each pot when filled with single-color sand.

At every level, the pot fills with a different type of flower when it’s filled with a single color. To pour sand, click on two tubes. First, click on the pot from which you want to pour mud. The mud on the top will then drain from it. Next, click on the pot into which you want to drain it.

There are multiple levels in the game, and it may become challenging as you progress. Incorrectly draining in the game can lead to getting stuck and running out of possible moves. If you realize you’ve made a wrong order and are about to run out of all possible moves, there is an option to reset the level. The reset button is circular and is located at the top of the screen.

Players can also undo their last action. This feature is available only five times. Use it only in case of an emergency.

Sand Sort Puzzle - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

The game has a reward system for completing levels. Clearing a level earns you coins, which you can actively use to unlock new themes and pots.


  • Left Mouse Button

Developer of Sand Sort Puzzle game

2Play developed and released this game in January 2022.


  • Sorting-based gameplay for engaging challenges
  • Diverse levels with unique flower designs
  • Intuitive controls: Click to pour sand and solve puzzles
  • Reset option for correcting mistakes
  • The Undo feature available up to five times
  • Reward system: Earn coins for completing levels
  • Use coins to unlock new themes and pots
  • Playable on desktop, mobile, laptop, and tablet platforms

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