BlockBuster Puzzle


BlockBuster Puzzle

BlockBuster Puzzle is a board game requiring players to strategically place blocks of diverse shapes and sizes on the board, like the Tetris game.

How to Play BlockBuster Puzzle?

The gameplay is simple and user-friendly. In this game, you have to fix blocks of different colors, shapes, and sizes. At the bottom of the screen, you will be displayed 3 different blocks.

You have to select anyone and put it on the board. After putting one block onto the board, another block will emerge automatically. In this way, there will always be 3 boxes or blocks.

Keep placing the boxes and form a line. Once a line is successfully created, it disappears, and you earn points for this accomplishment.

BlockBuster Puzzle - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

This mechanism adds a dynamic layer to the game, encouraging players to plan their moves cautiously to maximize their points by consistently forming and clearing lines.

In this manner, players must consistently place blocks onto the grid. It’s essential to position blocks carefully to maintain a continuous placement. However, if the board runs out of space to accommodate any new block, the game will come to an end.

When you find yourself stuck in the game or unable to place a box on the grid, you have the option to obtain three perfect blocks that can be placed on the board, preventing the game from ending. You can acquire these blocks by watching a video.

Game Controls

Left-click and then drag a mouse.

Tap on the mobile screen, if playing on mobile.


  • Block Placement
  • Line Formation
  • Game Over Condition
  • Easy-to-play interface, suitable for players of all levels.
  • Enjoy the game without any cost, accessible directly on the website.

Game Details – BlockBuster Puzzle

ReleasedSeptember, 2019
ModeSingle Player
GenreArcade, Board, Puzzle
Kids FriendlyYes
PlatformWeb Browser

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