Block Wood Puzzle 2 is the second installment of the most addictive Block Wood Puzzle game.

In this game, you have to fix different-shaped wooden blocks into the grid to create rows and columns.

The goal of this game is the same as the Tetris if you had played it. Anybody interested in playing this game can play without downloading or registering.

Block Wood Puzzle 2 Wiki

GameBlock Wood Puzzle 2
ReleasedSep 2023
GenrePuzzle, Arcade
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet)

How To Play Block Wood Puzzle 2?

You start with an empty grid of size 10*10. In this empty grid, you have to place wooden blocks of different shapes and dimensions in such a way that a complete line either vertically or horizontally is formed. When a line is formed, it usually disappears, and you score points and bonus points. This creates more space for you to continue playing.

In the below image, you can see there is one vacant block in the top horizontal line and similarly, there is also one vacant block in the vertical line located at the left side of the screen. If you fill these blocks in each line as suggested by the arrow, both horizontal and vertical lines disappear and release score and bonus points.

Block Wood Puzzle 2 Gameplay
Gameplay Screenshot

You get 20 points each time for placing a wooden block into the grid. The game ends when there is no space in the grid to settle the new upcoming blocks.



  • Click the left mouse button to drag and place blocks into the grid.


  • Tap and drag on the mobile screen to place blocks into the grid

Tips for Block Wood Puzzle 2

Tips for the game are given below:

  • Think about where you’re going to place each block.
  • Strategic placement is crucial for maximizing your score and avoiding running out of space.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the blocks and the available spaces in the grid.

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