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Mr. Suraj is a passionate writer who loves writing about online games. He gets ideas from his different experiences and lots of research. Before, he wrote a bunch for Crazy Game as a top writer. He pursued an Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Development. You can connect him at X. He's been in the gaming world for three years and is helping a lot. People really like and respect him for knowing a lot about the newest game trends. He wants games to include everyone and be different. He's working hard to use what he knows to make the gaming world better and more inclusive for everyone.

Skydom; Play online


Skydom Skydom is a fun and colorful puzzle game set in magical kingdoms. It’s like a journey through different lands where you solve puzzles by matching three or more gems. How to play? In this game, the main thing you do is match three or more gems that have the same color. It’s like putting

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Mob Control

Mob Control

Mob Control is a casual-action game where players control a horde of stick figures and must strategically maneuver them through a series of portals to multiply their numbers and conquer enemy bases. Game Wiki Table Game Mob Control Developer Voodoo Released Jan, 2023 Genre Action, Strategy Mode Single-Player Platform Web Browser How to play Mob

Mob Control Read More » 2 2 2 is a multiplayer game where players compete to capture territory. Starting with a small circle, the goal is to seize the entire area by moving the mouse strategically. Game Wiki Table Developer Voodoo Released March 2019 Mode Multiplayer Genres Arcade, Strategy Platforms Web Browser, Android and iOS How To Play 2? In 2 Read More »

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