Mob Control is a casual-action game where players control a horde of stick figures and must strategically maneuver them through a series of portals to multiply their numbers and conquer enemy bases.

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GameMob Control
ReleasedJan, 2023
GenreAction, Strategy
PlatformWeb Browser

How to play Mob Control?

In Mob Control, you command a growing army of stick figures. Your mission is to guide your stickmen through special gates that will make them stronger and conquer enemy bases. But be careful not to let them go through the wrong gates, or they will become weaker!

To grow your army, aim for the blue gates. These gates will multiply your stickmen, making them stronger. But be careful of the red gates! These gates will make you lose your stickmen

Use your growing army to capture enemy bases. Each base has a specific number of defenders. Send that many stickmen to capture the base and claim victory!

Your opponents will send their red army to challenge you. You must use your strategy to overcome them.

Mob Control Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

With each conquered base, the game gets harder. You’ll need to be more strategic and make quick decisions to win.

Control In Mob Control

  • Computer – Drag the mouse
  • Mobile – swipe on the mobile screen


  • Aim for the blue gates to multiply your stickmen and make your army stronger.
  • Don’t let your stickmen go through the red gates, or you will lose your soldiers.
  • Send enough stickmen to capture enemy bases and claim victory.
  • The game gets harder with each conquered base.
  • Mob Control is a fun and easy game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

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How can I download this game?

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