Skydom is a fun and colorful puzzle game set in magical kingdoms. It’s like a journey through different lands where you solve puzzles by matching three or more gems.

How to play?

In this game, the main thing you do is match three or more gems that have the same color. It’s like putting them together to make them disappear. But here’s the cool part: when you match more than three gems, you create special gems like bombs, missiles, magic boxes, etc that do awesome things in the game.

When you combine any two power-ups or special gems in this game, a spectacular event unfolds – massive destruction sweeps through, clearing all the gems on the board, and you emerge victorious, winning the game.

At each level of the game, you receive various objectives to complete. The objective may involve clearing gems of certain colors. In many levels, you play solo, while in others, you compete with AI opponents. The winner is determined by whoever clears more tiles, securing the victory in the game.

Skydom Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

For each level you clear, you earn a reward of 100 points.

Upon collecting 1000 coins or points, players can unlock new lands or the alchemist.


  • Left mouse button – Desktop
  • Tap on the screen – Mobile

Features of Skydom

  • Each level presents players with distinct objectives.
  • Clearing levels earns players rewards.
  • Engage in solo play on some levels and compete against AI opponents on others.
  • The game encourages players to think strategically
  • There are multiple levels in the game.
  • The game is available on mobile.

Game Details Table – Skydom

DeveloperPecPoc Games
ReleasedSeptember 19, 2022
ModeSingle Player
GenreMatching, Board, Puzzle
PlatformWeb Browser (Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet)

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