Touchdown Rush is an exhilarating online American football game in which you have to score as many touchdowns as you can.

The famous gaming company Code This Lab has developed this sports game.

Game Wiki Table

GameTouchdown Rush
DeveloperCode This Lab
ReleasedSep 20, 2019
GenreAction, Sports, Simulation
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser(Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop)


Before playing the game you have to select the level. Players start playing with level 1. In this game, you have to carry a football and sprint into the opponent’s end zone while evading relentless pursuers.

To evade pursuers you must run left and right because they come from both the side. You can move left or right with the help of the arrow key. Sometimes you have to jump to avoid being caught.

The game spans across 12 exciting levels. All the levels are locked except level 1. To play any of the levels, you have to clear the previous. level. For example, to play level 5, you have to clear level 4.

Touchdown Rush-Levels
Game Levels

Each completed level earns you points based on the yards covered. Additionally, there are special stars scattered on the ground. These stars will help you increase your score. Each star will fetch you 100 points. See the image below:

Gameplay Screenshot - Displaying Star
Gameplay Screenshot – Displaying Star

There are also powerups on the ground which will give you a boost for a few seconds if you collect them.

Touchdown Rush Gameplay Screenshot- Powerups
Game Powerups

As you progress through the game, the challenge intensifies. You will come across more pursuers when you progress in the game.


Desktop Controls

  • To move left and right, use the left and right arrow keys.
  • To jump, press the spacebar.

Mobile Controls

  • Tap on the left and right arrow icons displayed on the screen to move left and right.
  • To jump, tap on the jump button displayed on the screen


  • The game has 12 challenging levels.
  • You have to evade your opponents on the ground.
  • There is a star available on the ground to maximize the score.
  • The game has a user-friendly interface. You can play it without any restrictions.
  • The game also contains power-ups to boost the player.

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Q.1 Can I play this game on an iPhone?

Yes, you can play this game on an iPhone.

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