Muscle Man Rush is a running cum boxing game. In every running game, a player has to avoid obstacles to clear the level but in this game, a player has to make use of his or her muscle power to smash the obstacles while running on the track.

Muscle Man Rush Wiki

ReleasedAug 31,2023
GenreRunning, Boxing, Action
ModeAug 31, 2023
PlatformWeb Browser(Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

How to play Muscle Rush Man?

In this gripping game, the strength of the character and its enemies is denoted in terms of level. You i.e. character kick off your journey at level 1 while your opponents come with specific levels.

When running you get several red gloves that serve as powerups and instantly elevate your level when collected. Your prowess increases proportionally with the number of gloves gathered. You can vanquish foes whose levels are inferior to yours. For instance, if your level stands at 15, only enemies below level 15 are within your striking range.

When you defeat opponents their level merges with you and you become more mightier. To bolster your strength, you should focus on gathering as many gloves as you can and pummeling enemies whose levels lag behind yours.

At each level’s checkpoint, a formidable opponent awaits your challenge. If its level is lower than yours, then only you can clear the level.

Along the tracks, you’ll encounter many blue diamonds, a valuable currency that unlocks the game shop menu. With these diamonds, you can indulge in purchasing a variety of hats.

Muscle man rush -Shop
Muscle Man Rush -Shop

The game screen features a progress meter at the top, indicating your advancement. As you move forward, this meter fills up. Upon reaching its maximum, the stage is successfully cleared. See the image below for assistance

Muscle man rush gameplay screenshot
Muscle Man rush gameplay screenshot

Additionally, your current game level is displayed above the progress meter, allowing you to track your progress. You can look at the image given above to see the game level.


Press the left mouse button and drag left and right.


  • There are several stages in the game each getting harder.
  • Players can customize their character.
  • There is a unique combination of running and boxing.
  • The level of character and its enemies display their strength.

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