American Football Challenge is an online sports game developed by Code This Lab. This developer has also developed other online sports games like Rughby Rush, Rughby Push, Rugby Push, etc.

As the receiver in the game, your objective is to catch a minimum number of balls thrown by the quarterback to win the match.

With engaging gameplay and intuitive controls, this game promises an immersive experience for football enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

American Football Challenge Wiki

GameAmerican Football Challenge
DeveloperCode This Lab
Released27 November 2021 
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser

How to play?

In this game, you have to catch the balls thrown by the quarterback. Before diving into the game, you get to choose your level or match. There are a total of 10 challenging levels in this game.

The very first level is unlocked by default. To unlock the remaining levels, you just have to catch a minimum of three throws thrown by the quarterback, this rule applies to all levels except levels 8th and 10th. Level 8 requires 4 minimum catches and in level 10 which is also the final level you need to catch a minimum 5 throws to complete the level.

When you keep clearing the levels, the difficulty increases with the levels. Don’t worry about the difficulty level, you just need to practice a lot.

American Football Challenge - Levels
Game Levels

To progress and win each level, you need to catch a specific minimum number of throws, which is displayed at the top of the screen. The ball catch counter on the screen indicates how many catches are needed to qualify for the next match.

In each match, the game features a varying number of throws, ranging from 5 to 6.

The number of throws and minimum number of catches to win the match is given in the table below:

Match/ LevelsBall Launch (Throws)Ball Catch

The last match of this game is very challenging because you have to catch 5 throws out of 6. If you miss one ball, you have to catch all the remaining throws.

Gameplay Screenshot - 10th Match
Gameplay Screenshot – 10th Match

For every successful catch, you score 10 points, and for every miss you lose 5 points. The missball score is variable in the game.

American Football Challenge -Scoreboard 6th match
American Football Challenge -Scoreboard 6th match
American Football Challenge -Scoreboard 8th match
American Football Challenge -Scoreboard 8th match

The penalty for missing a ball varies based on the match’s difficulty. In the 6th match, you incur a score deduction of -5 for missing one ball, while in the 8th match, missing two balls results in the same -5 score penalty. Look at the image above for clarification.

The game runs continuously but there is an option to pause the game. Pausing the game will help to make a strategy.

Controls Of American Football Challenge

  • Move the mouse to catch the ball.
  • Tap to start the quarterback throw.


  • There are 10 exciting levels in the game, each presenting a higher level of difficulty.
  • Earn points for every successful catch, while missed catches deduct points.
  • The game is free to play.
  • You can play it on full screen.
  • The game restarts quickly when you lose any level.

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