Slope Racing

Slope Racing is an online car racing game in which players have to drive a car on different slopes.

How to play Slope Racing?

In this game, your driving skills are put to the test as you navigate challenging slopes with numerous ups and downs, deviating from the typical highways.

In this game, the track is solitary – no other cars to contend with. Your driving skills take center stage, as a single mistake can lead to a derailment, bringing the game to an end.

In the game, it’s essential to adopt a slow and careful driving approach. Only apply the accelerator when necessary. This strategy ensures that you navigate the challenges effectively

On the tracks, numerous coins are scattered for you to collect while driving. These coins serve as in-game currency.

Slope Racing- Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

Utilize the in-game currency to unlock new cars and tracks, enhancing your gaming experience with a unique and varied selection of driving challenges.

How does the game end?

The game can conclude in various ways, particularly when you deplete your fuel supply. On the track, fuel is available for collection, which you should gather. A fuel meter is located at the top left of the screen, and when it reaches zero, the game comes to an end.

Derailment is another factor that can bring the game to an end.

Cars and Tracks in Slope Racing

A total of 12 cars, aside from the Concept, are initially locked in the game. Unlock cars such as Police, Jeep, Pull, Bus, Light Car, and more by collecting in-game coins.

The game features various driving maps, including a snowstorm, desert levels, Spring mountain, winter mountain Mars, and more. Players have the flexibility to unlock any map of their choice, allowing them to experience diverse driving environments.


Players can enhance their driving experience by upgrading their cars for smoother performance. Upgrades encompass the engine, suspension, tires, and fuel. Utilize coins to upgrade your car.

Controls keys in the game

  • WASD or Arrow Keys

Developer and Platform

FG Studio developed the Slope Racing game in November 2019. The game is compatible with a web browser.

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