Fish Rain is a fishing simulation video game that allows players to experience the thrill of fishing in various picturesque locations like the Balck Sea, Amazon River, Nile River, etc.

Developed and published by Gamepush, Fish Rain was designed to provide a highly realistic and immersive fishing experience.

You can bait and catch a fish in different periods like morning, afternoon, or night. This makes the game very attractive.

Game Wiki

GameFish Rain
ReleasedSeptember 08, 2023
Rating4.3 Star
LevelsFull-Screen Mode
ModeSingle Player
Full-Screen ModeYes
Free To PlayYes
PlatformWeb Browser


The game begins with the throwing of the float by clicking at any point on the computer screen. The location of the float can be changed by clicking on the button located at the bottom right of the screen.

Fish Run Gameplay - Throwing The Float
Fish Run Gameplay – Throwing The Float

Fishing often requires patience. It may take time for fish to find and take your bait or lure. Stay alert and attentive to any signs of fish activity, such as ripples on the water or birds diving for prey.

When the float sinks completely, hit the button located at the right bottom of the screen to hook the fish. To pull up, press this button again. When you pull up, maintain the tension of the fishing line. If you don’t maintain tension, the fish may die while catching.

When you successfully catch any fish, you have two options. Either you can release it or sell it. You can perform these tasks by clicking on the buttons. You get the game Currency when you sell a fish. You can also earn Stars by releasing the fish back into the water.

Fish Finally caught
Sell or Release fish

You can upgrade your fishing equipment with the currency or rewards you get while playing.

Controls Of Fish Rain

Left-click on the mouse


  • There are a total of 188 species in the game, like – Crayfish, Roach, Shark, Olive catfish, Akara, etc. You can also catch some dangerous species including Anaconda, Chinese Allegator, Giant Turtle, Spider, etc.
  • You can purchase and upgrade various fishing equipment such as rods, landing nets, and fish baits. This equipment will increase your fishing abilities.
  • You can pick a variety of locations for fishing for example Mississippi River, River Amazon, River Nile, and 21 others.
Various places for fishing in Fish Rain
Various places for fishing in Fish Rain
  • The game provides a quest to earn extra rewards.
  • A player can view the report card from the statistics menu.
  • The game offers flexible timing that influences fish behavior.

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