Superhero.io is an action-packed multiplayer online game where you have to create a superhero by killing your opponents and collecting orbs.

It is a famous IO game and is widely searched for and played by many people all over the world. Superhero.io was developed by LoraStudio in July 2019.

Game Wiki Table

Developer LoraStudio
ReleasedJuly 2019
AvailabilityAvailable Free
PlatformWeb Browser

How to play?

In the world of this game, your primary objective is to outlast and eliminate other players. Upon entering the arena, your focus should initially be on gathering orbs. Accumulating these orbs boosts your size and strength, enabling you to vanquish opponents with greater ease. Moreover, the orbs facilitate your transformation into one of the game’s 30 superheroes, granting enhanced abilities and advantages.

However, haste can be detrimental. Approach combat cautiously, observing the movements of fellow players. Vigilance is crucial, as adversaries may strike unexpectedly from behind. Engage in both offensive maneuvers and orb collection to maximize your chances of success.

This dynamic balance between aggression and resource acquisition is pivotal for triumph in the game. By mastering this strategy, you can assert dominance over the arena and emerge victorious against your rivals.


Tips for playing Superhero.io

Here are some tips that can help you unlock all the superheroes:

  • Never be in a hurry to kill.
  • Focus on collecting orbs until you are capable of fighting.
  • You have to attack otherwise you will be killed.


  • Left click to kill
  • Drag to move

Features of Superhero.io game

Features of the game are listed below:

  • 30 Locked famous superheroes
Heroes Manual
Heroes Manual
  • Survival game
  • Strategy game
  • Upgradation of superhero
  • View the progress of your hero through the Heroes Manual

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